About Belize

Belize, Mothernature’s best kept secret!
Belize kayaking Caye CaulkerWelcome to Belize. Located in the heart of Central America, Belize is known as one of the most diverse and pristine Caribbean Countries with a diverse amount of cultures that come together to form what we call the melting pot of Belize. The diversity of our cultures will amaze you as we are people that are friendly, hospitable and always ready to embrace every visitor that makes their way to our shores. We are an English speaking country and our cultures also have other languages which they speak such as Creole, Spanish, Maya and Garinagu. Belize is a country which has many wonders and unique vacation destinations that will leave you with a lifetime of memories. The natural warmth of Belizean people is always present as we cater for all kinds of vacations such as family, couple, honeymoon, educational etc.

Belize is a country that boasts about the many activities and attractions ready to be seen and explored. You can begin your unforgettable journey by visiting Belize’s Barrier Reef which boasts on its amazing crystal clear waters, beautiful coral formations and colorful abundance of marine life. Discover the stunning jewel of Belize as you snorkel and dive the Great Blue Hole inside its ring of corals and explore the home of many marine species such as sharks. Take a trip to the island of Caye Caulker and San Pedro and wake up in the Caribbean. Find yourself looking out of your window at the Barrier Reef 1 mile away if you’re in Caye Caulker or 1/2 mile away if you’re in San Pedro. Feel the Caribbean breeze as you relax outside watching the sun rising over the horizon in the morning and setting over the horizon in the evening. Being on these islands for vacation is a dream come true. Plan your honeymoon on our offshore islands or marry the love of your life as many couples have done before on our white sand beach. You can do many activities such as first–class diving, world–class fishing, snorkeling, windsailing, relaxing on the sand beaches or even Bird watching and exploring the island itself. Snorkel in the beckoning waters of the Reef such as the Caye Caulker Marine Reserve where you can find amazing sea creatures in the sea grass beds patch reefs and enjoy seeing the colorful marine life. Take a dip into the Hol–Chan Marine Reserve and snorkel or dive the lined up channel of corals. It is rich in fish life and well known for its Green Moray Eels and large Black Groupers that live along these protected areas of the reef. This beautiful reef is home to Sea Turtles as well as Nursing sharks and a vast amount of Stink Rays that are popular in the Shark and Ray Alley of both Caye Caulker Marine Reserve and not far from Hol–Chan Marine Reserve.

Island Tubing in BelizeResume your journey inland and discover the ancient Maya Ruins such as Altun Ha or Caracol, which is one of the largest in Belize or explore the many Cave’s of Belize such as St. Herman’s Cave. These caves which are of a cathedral like shape offers visitor’s a chance to do some exciting trek and visitors are able to see Maya artifacts and unusual stalactites which have been there for hundreds of years. Walk along natural trails as you get to see a lot of different forest species such as the Toucan–Belize’s national bird, monkeys, and about 200 species of birds. Visit the Belize Zoo and experience a close encounter with the beautiful Jaguars, Tapirs and so many other jungle animals and birds. These natural trails are covered with huge forest trees such as the Mahogany tree, Cotton Tree, orchids, ferns and many other species of plants that are home to many creatures. Go horseback riding, mountain bike riding, zip line through the dense forest or even enjoy Cave tubing into the darkness of the Cave Systems. Enjoy the nice cold water of the rivers as you swim in the Mountain Pine Ridge area in one of the most popular attraction spots such as the Rio On Pools, Five Sisters Falls or the Rio Frio Cave. Enjoy all these natural wonders or photograph them from a scenic lookout platform overlooking one of the most famous water fall in Belize known as Thousand Foot Falls.
We welcome you to explore the wild and diverse Belize and make your stay a wonderful and fun time. Belize is yet an adventure to be discovered by many people around the world and we invite you to discover it for yourself and to embrace our strong “eco-ethic” destination developing all around Belize especially the Barrier Reef and see for yourself why it must be protected.

Enjoy in comfort as you are able to stay in our world–class resorts and hotels that are professional and friendly. We at the Caye Caulker Plaza Hotel invite you to come to Belize and visit us here in Caye Caulker.